Tuesday, September 25, 2012



Crazy colours without the commitment, an innovative make-up for your hair. Kevin Murphy's COLOR.BUG gives you the opportunity to add a bit of style and fun to your hair, with wipe on and wipe colour off.

Kevin Murphy COLOR.BUG

From the Holi festival of colour in India to a giant & very messy paint fight at Secret Garden Party festival this year, my eyes were open to powder paint and I love it!!  

Holi Festival India

My experience this year at Secret Garden Party festival meant a very large group of me & my not so normal friends preparing ourselves to get absolutely covered in splashes of multicoloured powdered paint. After grabbing a huge handful of a variety of colours we waited for the countdown and then bam! we went a little crazy. 
With having very light blonde hair, I kind of thought why not, let's just see what my happens after my hair is incarcerated in a variety of different colours and well the outcome was pretty cool!! A light colour of pale pink layered just over the hair, turning my hair from boring blonde to festival ready, a look that I had been trying to achieve for ages! The best thing about this was that not only did it look good, I was also able to go home and wash it out, it didn't stain my hair or the white top I was wearing. 

SGP 2012 Paint Fight
My Pink Hair at SGP
I have been searching ever since for a product which would entitle me to add blasts of colour yet be able to wash it out so I was very excited when I came across COLOR.BUG. It comes in 3 different colours and is very easy to use, just apply a bit of leave in conditioner to the section of your hair you would like to colour then wipe the COLOR.BUG over the hair. I found it looks cool just to dip-dye the ends of your hair but if you want an all over look you now can, with the knowledge of knowing you can wash it out before work on Monday. It's a really great concept, look out for photos I upload next time I use COLOR.BUG I have an idea it will be soon :-).