Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Western Swing, Boogie Woogie & Rhythm & Blues, I love Rockabilly! But my main fascination has always been the fashion! From as young as I can remember I have wanted to don curled bangs, red lipstick and bombshell figure fitting dresses!

I guess my first attraction to the Rockabilly Fashion Scene came from watching 'GREASE' which then led me to delve further and further into this style and era of fashion and music.

To sum up Rockabilly chic, you want to aim for Novelty prints, bold colours, patterns including cherries or anchors....halters, strapless and backless dress silhouettes. Wiggle dresses, trump full skirts. Pencil Skirts, cigarette and capri pants, short sleeved vintage blouses with ruffles and polkadot designs. And the most important things, Bold coloured hair & Red lipstick!

I have found some great online shops all over the world which specialise in rockabilly fashion for both men and women but for those for you who live in OZ get yourself down to a ROUTE 66 store or buy online at their website http://www.route66.com.au

Not only do they have a wide array of different designs and styles for both girls and guys but the stores also have a great atmosphere, while you're delving into the racks you'll also find yourself bopping along to some of the great Rock n Roll legends such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly!

Although Rockabilly Fashion is from the past...it is definitely the way forward!

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  1. "Rockabilly Rumble... Wiggle dresses, trump full skirts." The fashionistas of the Crimean War found it fashionable when speaking to their regimental comrades to substitute "r's" with "w's" - my apologies to any modern day persons who are genuinely challenged by such tongue twisters! [I seem to be one of the unfortunates because my previous post also confused the r's and w's and had to be deleted!]