Sunday, May 30, 2010


I for one used to always walk straight past Dorothy Perkins, associating it with business clothes, always great quality but pretty boring and basic. Only the odd thing would actually catch my eye and could be foreseen as fashion-forward.
So I was taken by complete suprise when I browsed their website yesterday and came across some new fashionable collections they are stocking...

'CLOSET' a brand that is inspired by past era's, showcasing 50's silhouettes, 60's psychedelic prints and 80's bold colours. A rare collection at very affordable prices. The Heart Print dresses in pink and blue are a refreshing modern take on vintage fashion and at £40 are a bargain.

'B-SOUL' presents a range of monochrome T-shirts, displaying Bold designs and Retro images. Around £16 a piece they are the perfect accompaniment to a pair of jeans & some sexy heels.

'RISE ELITE' showcases a range of stylish dresses all around £30 or less. If you're after daytime chic or evening glam then this collection is definitely worth checking out. With a variety of different colours, prints and shapes you will be spoilt for choice.

I can't wait to see what Dorothy Perkins offers this space!

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