Friday, May 28, 2010


Now I must say Marilyn Manson will always have his unique style and it's not really anything I find appealing, but on the other hand, Rachel Eva Wood his on-off dating partner has completely transformed from this clean teen into a vamp sex goddess! Her 1950's Femme Fatale inspired look says that of the late Film Noir star, Ann Savage meets Marilyn Monroe.
She parades a vintage style yet adds a young modern twist, a refreshing change from the hollywood clones wearing bodycon dresses and Lady GaGa wannabe's.

If you would like to re-create this style on the other hand, is not so easy. I have researched online stores and shops around the UK and Australia which specialise in re-creating the 1950's couture look for a reasonable price and unfortunately am still to find a winner, I am determined though and will keep you updated!
On an exciting note I did come across this online store which is the perfect place to purchase Luxury, Vintage Hosiery and Lingerie:

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